Stop Rushing

Our task orientated life means that we are always trying to rush to the next undertaking and achieve our daily goals. We are travelling on a motorway unable to focus on the blur that is beauty by our side. Maybe it’s because I’m on retreat or maybe Lent is allowing me time to refocus, but happiness doesn’t have to be gauged by how many tasks I’ve ticked off today.

Years ago I came across a book by Simon Parke called One Minute Mystic which appealed  to me. Simon seems to have the ability of making you think in a new way through very few words. Simon Parke writes a new reflection every week and is well worth visiting. You can also listen to him speaking at Greenbelt from two years ago. In fact you can listen to plenty of talks from Greenbelt prior to 2010 for free it seems.

The skill that Simon Parke and others like him have is to make sacred connections in the ordinary. To pause and ponder and see beauty staring you in the face.

Image by Mark King via Twelvebaskets


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