Palms To Passion – Beyond Palm Sunday

We remember Palm Sunday this weekend and the beginning of Holy Week. For many Christians Palm Sunday morphs into Easter Sunday without having to pass through the horrors of Holy Week. Because we know the plot and the end of the story we can ignore the “difficult bit” in-between. Hosanna to Horror is my attempt to move the focus from triumphal entry to the Gethsemane isolation and the passion of the cross.

Horror and pain is as much a part of life as the moments of celebration. The bible and particularly the Psalms are skilled in lamenting. Parts of modern society brush difficulties under the carpet trying to carry on as if nothing has happened. Forgive my language but “shit” happens! We cannot fully grasp Easter Sunday unless we journey with Jesus from the palm waving crowd to the bedraggled followers looking forlorn at their Lord on the cross. I’m hoping for a reality check this Easter.


One thought on “Palms To Passion – Beyond Palm Sunday

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