The Ladybirds Are Coming!

The Ladybirds are coming in their thousands. Bugs are taking over our gardens and eventually the world, and we are doomed!…. Ok so there are quite a few of these little critters this year wearing their pretty frocks and parading around our gardens.

Strangely Ladybirds don’t seem to fall into the same category as normal bugs in our thoughts. Rather than avoiding them, a warm glow comes upon us when they appear. I lay on the ground and used my macro setting to get this shot practically touching it with my lens (I probably killed about 50 in the process with my girth).

Maybe it’s their diet of aphids why gardeners are drawn to them. Or could it be the Ladybird books of our childhood that brings back a nostalgia. Alternatively it could be the origin of the name being associated with Mary the mother of Jesus, who in many early paintings wore a red robe. Or that they just look beautiful. Allegedly if there is an abundance at this time of the year it is a sign that we are going to get a hot summer.

If you want to find out more about these stunners of the garden then the Uk Ladybird Survey will have all the answers.


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