Smartphones At The Ready – Stations Of The Cross

I’ve blogged about augmented reality before but wanted to share with you the latest use of the technology. This is one of a series of ten images using augmented reality and QR codes to provide added value to the image. These stations of the cross will be used at a number of my churches this week and particularly during Holy Week . They were put together by Twelvebaskets, Digital Mission, and noahsnannygoat and are available through Twelvebaskets as individual slides or as a powerpoint presentation. They compliment the Stations Of The Cross I blogged about earlier.

The instructions below will help you make the most of the work, so smartphones at the ready!

To make the most of this Stations of the cross resource and to gain access to the visual reflections follow the steps below:
1. Search for Aurasma in the Apple or Android app stores and download it for free.
2. Follow the registration procedure.
3.  Using the search facility at the bottom, search for the “Deeper” channel and subscribe to it.
4. Hold your phone over one of the trigger images until it loads the reflection.
Using a QR code reader point at the QR code in the bottom right hand corner

Augmented Reality Holy Week Is Coming


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