The Last Supper

The painting of The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci wasn’t the first, but is certainly the most famous artwork of that scene. The expressions on all the disciples faces and the point focus on Jesus himself mean that it is a stunning depiction of that most emotionally charged of meals. No wonder it’s been reproduced countless times on peoples walls, mouse mats and mugs, all be it at a smaller scale.

Above is a modern impromptu take on that painting. Workmen taking a breather en masse in a city centre. Their fluorescent tops accented on the grey steps behind. Switching off from their morning work through conversation and banter, a quick phone call and a few rays of sunshine. This image will never make it to the mouse mats and peoples walls but it has a certain charm about it.

Through artists such as Da Vinci and the passages of time the disciples almost become other worldly, and saintly. The reality is that they were ordinary people like you and me, like this workmen taking a break.

So Jesus could be the foreman, and Judas the man on the mobile phone plotting with the authorities. I wonder what they would do if the foreman took off his outer garments and said he wanted to wash their feet in the fountain behind. The ordinary people of the gospels known as disciples changed the world through their connection with sacrificial love revealed in Jesus. Over time they have become stylised figures that we cannot aspire to be. In reality they were ordinary people like the workmen, or like you and me.


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