The Scale Of The Universe

As we trundle along through life it’s worthwhile pausing from our task orientated existence to ponder once in a while. For example the moon, that lump in the sky, happens to be 238,854 miles away from us. However the scale and distance of the moon pale into insignificance compared to the magnitude that is space. Alternatively if we trundle in the opposite direction in relation to perspective it is just as startling. The good man Simon sent me a link that is just spectacular. You might have to skip an advert at the start but it opens the dimensions of magnitude and minutia in an impressive way. Try it, you won’t be disappointed (use the scroll button at the bottom of the page). The Scale Of The Universe


3 thoughts on “The Scale Of The Universe

  1. Just for a bit of fun – another way to relate cosmic scales to our mundane ones on earth is in light speed.

    The distance that light would travel in a second is roughly equivalent to 8 times round the earth’s equator. The moon is 1.3 light seconds away. The sun is 8.3 light minutes away, and the nearest star to our sun is 4.24 years away.
    I let you do the sums 🙂

      • Reading some more of your blog I like the comment about that you ‘cannot contain God into a box’. It reminded me of one of the verses from a poem that I wrote:

        Finding God is a journey that may take up every day
        You will not find God in a shop ready to take away
        Nor will you find God between the covers of a book
        For it contains only words, guiding you where to look

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