Augmented Reality Holy Week Is Coming

The last words of Jesus stand as a stark reminder of the difficulty of Easter. We can so easily jump from Palm Sunday to Easter day without pausing with Jesus on the cross. Symbols move from a palm branch to a daffodil with nothing in-between for many people. Alternatively we have heard the story so many times that it looses its power and rawness. N. T .Wright attempts to set the scene in the following words.

The horror which overwhelmed Jesus in Gethsemane, and then seems to have retreated again for a few hours, came back in all its awfulness, a horror of drinking the cup of God’s wrath, of sharing the depth of suffering, mental and emotional as well as physical.

We cannot fully celebrate Easter day if we haven’t lingered at the cross for a while. Phoce who produced the image above have been involved in producing stations of the cross along with an artist and Twelvebaskets. The images will be utilising augmented reality and also have a QR code attached to open up additional reflective material with your Smartphone. I’m pleased to say that these will be available to view at one of my churches in Kingsley. If you want more details about them please contact Twelvebaskets. My hope is that they allow people to dwell at the cross and reflect what that means for each of their lives.

There are those that say that until we have experienced true darkness in life we cannot fully appreciate light. I’m not totally convinced on that argument, however the contrast of light and shade will be that much greater. I do though know that difficulty is a fact of life and if we try to hide away from it then we stifle life and living. Maybe that is one lesson that we can learn from the cycle of Holy Week. We are not that dissimilar from the disciples of Jesus who followed him in the flesh. Their emotions would have exceeded any roller coaster ride yet they came through it. The sentiment of Romans 8 will be as strong then as it is now, “nothing can separate us from the love of God”!


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