Church Buildings Cost Too Much?!

I have a love hate relationship with church buildings. They drain your resources as you maintain and heat them. They can stifle the mission of the church, and people can become so familiar with them that they are as hard to part with as a pair of much loved slippers. However at their best they become “holy” places steeped in the prayers of saints, are a rich resource to the wider community and aid the mission of the church.

Sadly I don’t know where this image came from as a friend passed it to me, but grateful thanks to whoever produced it. However it reminds me again that church isn’t a monument but a living breathing organism. Just as our homes evolve to fit around our life style so do churches. Even the great cathedrals of this country have evolved over time, although keeping one eye on the heritage of the place. Church is for the worship of God, the fellowship of the congregation and its mission. If we forget the last part then it becomes a waiting room for the inevitable. Church sits at the intersection between community and Christ, the secular and the sacred. The trick is getting buildings to aid that intersection rather than hinder it.


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