The Clouds Are Gathering – O Lord!

It was any blokes worst scenario yesterday. My wife gave me the responsibility of bringing in the washing if it rained! This causes a dilemma in all males who have the ability of concentrating on one process at a time. I therefore had to choose one of the following options.

1. Set aside everything that I was currently involved in and dedicate my gaze on the sky!
2. Bring in the clothes immediately and put the heating on!
3. Ignore the clothes and accept the flak if it rained!

Yet weather to me is nothing more than an inconvenience. If the clothes get wet then they simply have been blessed with another rinse! For the farmers the whim of the weather affects the wallet. Others around the world are threatened with their life. Only this weekend we have heard of at least 36 people killed by tornadoes in Midwestern states of the USA. There are parts of our world were people constantly battle the elements just to survive. That kind of puts into perspective my washing…. although I did let out a little cheer ten minutes after I brought in the clothes, when the rain started to fall.

A Prayer For Weather
Lord God of the universe,
you set the seasons to enable the earth to yield fruit and provide for life to flourish.
As the sun warms and ripens the crop,
may it not scorch or burn;
as the rain waters and flows in rivers,
may it not flood or drown;
as the snow and frost blanket the earth,
preparing for new growth,
may they not overwhelm or engulf.
Be with all who suffer
when the forces that sustain life
also threaten and bring our fragility to the fore.
In all things may we know
your blessing and salvation
in Jesus Christ.

Taken from Prayers for All Occasions by Ian Black

Image taken by Mark Boulton used via Twelvebaskets.


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