You Are A Drunkard

A man walks into a bar in Ireland and asks for three pints of Guinness, sits down in the corner and proceeds to take a sip out of each in turn. After some time he comes to the bar again and orders another three pints. The barman informs him that in order to enjoy a pint at its optimum he should order individual drinks. The man simply explained that when his brothers moved away from home they agreed to follow this tradition so that they could remember the days when they drank together.
Over time the man became a regular, always ordered three pints together and sipped in turn from each. On one occasion though he ordered just two pints, and went to sit in his usual spot. The barman and regulars stopped in shock at the scene. When the man came to order from the bar again the barman passed on his condolences and that of the regulars for the sad loss of his brother….. Finally the penny dropped and the man informed everyone that his brother hadn’t died, I’ve just stopped drinking for Lent!

It’s easy to jump to conclusions about people. Jesus was called a drunkard and a glutton but actually was the Son of Man. The individual in the story above wasn’t grieving, but a drunkard and a glutton! How many books will we read today without opening the cover and seeing inside?

Thanks to Jonathan Miller via Twelvebaskets for the image


2 thoughts on “You Are A Drunkard

    • John
      Thanks for the comment. I did enjoy my visit to your site and will now follow you as I’m soon leading a Cafe Worship on the theme of art. Thanks again. Steve

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