Feb 29th – The Weird Day

According to a tradition that started in Ireland in the fifth century ladies can propose to their fella today. It’s also the day that people claiming a pension can at the same time celebrate their 17th birthday. Yes it’s that weird day that comes around once every four years to align our calendar with earth’s trip round the sun. Apparently, although I’ve never checked it, the earth takes roughly 365 and a 1/4 days to wander around the sun. So in order to accommodate that fact, and not gradually step into a warped reality, every four years we have our leap year and an extra special day.

Why not take the opportunity on this occasional day to be a little bit crazy. Do something that you’ve been putting off for ages. Or what about carrying out a random act of kindness to a neighbour or a complete stranger. It’s OK if they give you a strange look, it’s the 29th February, you’ll get away with it.


2 thoughts on “Feb 29th – The Weird Day

  1. Perhaps this post is the confirmation I’ve been looking for that I should get my nose pierced…;o) Really enjoyed last Saturday’s training session, thank you so much for bringing the Bible alive.

    • Go for it, if somebody doesn’t like it, blame me! Thanks for encouragement, I enjoyed the interaction on Saturday but struggle with the prep. and the thought that I’m supposed to be the wise one. I’ll inspect your nose at Greenbelt! Regards

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