The Greed Creed

On the day that bailiffs started evicting the protestors from outside St Paul’s Cathedral in London I thought I would include the above poem. It comes from the ASBO Jesus blog that is worth a look. The slogan of Occupy London campaign was, “Another World Is Possible”. Speaking as the eviction was taking place George Barda one of the key people in the movement said the following.

“How without this most potent symbol of what we are doing in this country we keep a focus on the city and the 1% who are still sucking the wealth away from everyone else to the detriment of many of the things they most need.”

My hope is that this issue of greed is not now swept under the carpet and forgotten about.  Excessive bonuses should now cease and the city/government should take some responsibility for those most in need. Why have we let this continue for so long?


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