Is It Left Or Right At The Junction?

I’m not always certain which way to turn. It’s easy if we know where we are going and the satnav tells us to turn left in 200 yards, no problem. Yet when we embark on a journey to which we don’t know the destination, we can flounder. Psalm 25 which I have blogged about before Psalm 25 has within it the prayer of an individual not certain which way to turn, but knowing they need to journey. The other passage set by the lectionary for the morning is Mark 1:9-15 where we hear about the baptism of Jesus. Mark records the words that come from heaven, “You are my beloved Son. I am pleased with you.” It is from there that he goes into the desert. Whilst the affirmation received at his baptism would have sustained him in the wilderness, it would be wrong of us to assume he always knew his purpose and direction.

Wilderness wandering is crucial for our formation. It was true for Jesus and it was true for the Israelites. Stepping out in faith, uncertain of our destination is biblical and a worthwhile adventure.

I spent the morning with a group of people who feel God is calling them to be preachers. Some may not see it through to the end, and for others new doors will open. Yet they each had to take a step on the journey, a journey into the unknown, a journey of faith. For those that were present, thanks for the opportunity of sharing with you.

Thanks to Steve C. for the image via Twelvebaskets.


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