Chocolatey Lent

Lent begins tomorrow so its time for a pancake or twelve before the fasting. I had a few yesterday in preparation.  However Lent is less about giving up, and more a refocus of what is important in your life. I’ve offered a few links below to invite a spiritual dimension to this season, followed by an Ian Black prayer.

Lent doesn’t have to be devoid of chocolate or any other pleasure, but for some people making a sacrifice focuses the mind. Alternatively why not have a chunk of chocolate whilst reading Mark’s gospel every day, sorted!

BigRead12 – Focusing on Marl’s gospel

40acts – Doing Lent generously

Consumer Detox – Group resources, daily blog and online talks

The Lenten Carbon Fast – An environmental impact

Christian Aid Lent Resources – Links to a variety of material

Lord, you bring us from dust to life.
As our flower fades
may we know your peace.
In the wilderness, the city and by the seashore
may we know your presence.
In the market place and on the way
may we hear salvation announced.
Be with us through these forty days and nights
that we may grow in your love
and deepen in faith;
for you are our source and goal
and hold all that passes between. Amen.
Taken from Prayers for All Occasions by Ian Black 

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