Into The Darkness

The camera shutter was open for 20 seconds on this shot to capture the detail that is displayed. I was blessed with a very calm night which is shown in the water that was like a millpond. However I’m annoyed that the foreground railing wasn’t framed better, but I can do nothing about that now.

Our life is dominated by light. It is of course very helpful illuminating our path. Yet it can also be intrusive, a pollutant. If only we could mask the light and focus on the shadows instead, there is much to learn. Darkness is mystery and uncertainty, the deep waters, or the shadowy corner is foreboding. Yet I don’t want to live in a false fluorescent world with no light and shade. Darkness is pregnant with potential. The trick is to stop and allow our eyes or mind to adjust to what is already there, but blinded by light.

It was Job that sank into the depths of darkness to discover true wisdom. Prior to that people believed that wealth and a long life were signs that God was with you. Job and Wisdom literature in general made people realise that God can be in the darkness, in the mystery, in the uncertainty.

So the trick is to pause in the darkness.


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