Snowdon – A Different Perspective

We have just returned from a weeks holiday and a self inflicted abstention from blogging and Facebook. I had already agreed to take my son up Snowdon whilst away as he’s a bit of a mountain goat! The benefit of walking in February is the train doesn’t run so the peak is not smothered with tourists wearing inappropriate shoes. The downside is that you cannot see a flipping thing. This was the best shot I could muster as I had no inclination of taking my hands out the mitts long enough to sort the main camera out. The wind was epic and had carved some beautiful shapes in the ice, but the camera never appreciated any of it. Countless milli-seconds were spent on the summit before starting the descent to relative warmth, but what a descent. My rear end has never been so numb, but we had a buzz sliding down a mountain in the snow. I was a big kid again!

Tomorrows bible reading is the Transfiguration, the context of which is up a mountain. The disciples were given a different perspective on life as a result of their climb. Shame they couldn’t slide down the mountain in snow like us. I’m going to be using the following  Marjorie Dobson poem tomorrow that alludes to the transfigurations we can have in life. I know the view from Snowdon that day didn’t give me a panorama, but it did give me a different perspective, as did the holiday overall.

Normal blogging service will now resume, it’s good to be back.

Living at ground level,
we reduce the sky to memory.
Buildings enclose;
pavements beneath
become controllable,
within our scope.
above our everyday,
space is on a different scale.
Clouds dominate.
Horizons stretch imagination.
Streets dwindle to lines
and distant people
move into insignificance.
From this viewpoint
a new perspective opens.
God paints a wider picture
and asks us to look again.
©Marjorie Dobson

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