Happy Valentine’s Day Grrrrrrr!

Ok so here comes the silly season where couples are supposed to show their affection to each other. Red roses peak in price, chocolates are sold in the bucket load, and tacky tasteless gifts are purchased in the name of love. Call me an old romantic if you will, but I object to being told to show my affection one day in the year, and to part with my well earned cash!

I’m not quite like the couple in their dotage who got into conversation. The lady became quite sad that in the last 60 years he’d never said, “I love you”. Quick as a flash he came back and reminded her that those words were said on their wedding day, and if the situation ever changed he’d let her know!

In a world that is often obsessed with the moment and which is so transitory I favour the old mans approach over the commercial fleeting gesture of affection. Although if Mrs Santry wishes to buy me chocolates and flowers I will happily accept! Maybe though we should be greedy, and strive for the ideal of commitment and affection.


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