Messy Church – Food Glorious Food

It’s Messy Church tonight at the Hurst in Kingsley, Cheshire. Our theme is the saying of Jesus, “I am the bread of life”. Naively at the planning meeting I felt that we had to make bread, and I offered my services. So today at some point I need to prove sufficient dough to make 70 rolls and then subdivide the mixture so little fingers can pummel it to death!

My motivation for making bread revolves around it’s deep symbolism within the Christian faith. Not only do we have the saying of Jesus, but the countless instances that it was used by him in the gospels. Food generally played a key part in Jesus’ ministry best seen in Luke’s gospel. It’s understandable as food isn’t only fuel for the physical actions of the body. Food nourishes us socially and spiritually as well. Food shared in convivial surroundings adds to the experience and lifts the soul.

Towards the end of Messy Church we eat together, squeezing 70+ people into a room that was never designed for that number. It’s far from a relaxing meal and there’s always a spillage and the odd comment, “mum I don’t like it!”. However I personally love it and see within that melee a sense of the kingdom of God.


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