Almost Beautiful

This photograph taken on the island of Mull is almost beautiful. It captures the mood and fading light one evening except for the ugly wire that wrecks the shot. If anyone knows how to remove it using Pixelmator I’d be happy to hear. I suppose I could have moved further forward and frame the shot differently, but then it would no longer be a true representation of my memory. The shot was taken from the front step of a cottage where we stayed.

Although this shot is reality, it has imperfection within a vista that promises so much. I wonder if this is a sign of life generally. We can all strive for perfection yet have to live with the tension of flaws. Strangely faults can dominate any work that we complete to the detriment of everything else. Maybe I accept the fault of this photograph and live with the tension of what could have been. Also a note to self that if we ever travel to Mull again, pack some wire cutters!


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