Vandalism Or Art

This provocative stencil is a classic Banksy. The establishment would call it vandalism yet the underground scene would call it art and a social commentary. This was painted in Brighton which has a strong gay community and was deliberately challenging the xenophobia of the police.
Banksy follows in the footsteps of countless artists before him whose provocative art has challenged the status quo. Pablo Picasso with his distorted figures and strange colour choices repulsed many in his day. I’m not a fan of graffiti as such, but I would describe Banksy as an artist who prefers walls over canvas to express himself. I’ve just started flicking through his book “Wall and Piece” and some of his art only lasts hours before it is water sprayed to oblivion, good job he takes a camera with him.
One of our Cafe Worships this season will be using art as a catalyst to worship and my Banksy book will definitely be making an appearance.


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