Will Somebody Switch That Phone Off

There will come a time when I forget to switch my phone to silent in a service, I just hope I can be as quick thinking as this violinist. Perhaps it was his own phone ringing with his mum on the other end saying your late for tea! Someones phone went off in a Carol Service last month and of course it took an eternity to find it in a very full and big bag. The lady was mortified but I saw it as an opportunity and it lightened proceedings.

Life isn’t a performance that is perfect, I’ve yet to come across the person who is without fault, although I’ve met a few who try to give that persona across. Endeavour for perfection, but laugh at yourself when you get it wrong. I regularly munch on a good dose of humble pie, and it happens to be a pie that is good for you every now and then.

Thanks Steve for the link


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