Christian, It’s OK To Doubt

Doubt should not be the opposite of faith. I’ve thought for many years that each church should have a doubt group as well as a faith group. That way people can be totally honest and say what they really think, instead of what they feel should be said. Doubt is a feeling of uncertainty. Yet faith isn’t about certainty, it is about trust. Doubts or questions are an integral part of a positive faith and no one should be ashamed of them. Questions are often the catalyst to exploration and discovery.

Faith is born out of some semblance of truth, out of the experiences from life. That then becomes the foundation or starting point for faith. Yet just like the monk Thomas Merton discovered, a life long journey of faith brings more questions rather than less. I see that as a real positive. I don’t want to contain God by the extent of my brain, how mini would that be! My advice to you is let doubt be a companion with faith rather than its enemy, then wisdom may journey with you in life.


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