Beauty And The Beast

I’m not sure what you see first when you look at this David Perry image? The stile takes centre stage over the dry stone wall with the rolling hills in the background, and then there’s the wind swept side slung trees. In my opinion they all play their part.

Dry stone walls are a human creation, yet they are such a part of our scenery that they’re consumed into the vista that we define as beautiful. Helped in part by their fluid nature, use of local stone and the craft that’s gone into their formation. The other end of the scale in walls are the retaining variety, which so often come last place in the beauty contests! We are having to rebuild a functional retaining wall at one of my churches. Its very expensive and will never be seen by anyone.

Whilst I loath paying out money for something you don’t see it does a crucial job holding up the land around the church. Humans can resemble walls at times. You have the prima donnas who take the adulation and applause. Then there is the chorus that give structure and stability to the performance of life. Dry stone “prima donna” walls need constant maintenance, where as retaining “chorus” walls last for decades without any attention. I know both are necessary, but lets hear it for the dry stone walls and all the stable structural people around us today.


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