But Mum, It’s For My Education

Remember the days at school or college when you were given tatty old books that had been fingered to pieces or simply had pages missing. Or worse still the teacher or lecturer didn’t have sufficient books to give out so you had to write it yourself in the text book. Well that it seems is nothing more than history now. Interactive e-books have come of age, if you are to believe Apple!

I was doing some filing today, which will sound like a miracle to those that know me. Instead of buying a new file I’ve recycled like a good environmentalist. To my surprise I found notes from college that are 15 years old. I’ve not looked at them once since I left and have no desire to wade through the copious notes on the Reformation still now. With the fast moving pace of knowledge, thanks to the internet, text books and course notes, are out of date within five years. My surplus notes from the file will happily be deposited in the filing system b1n, and they will not be missed.

I’m a little sad that children today don’t have to suffer like we did when growing up, I still remember getting hand ache from writing too much.

You’ll see a pen will be the next item to be confined to history!


2 thoughts on “But Mum, It’s For My Education

  1. Yes, I’m all in favour of recycling and new tech is fascinating – and sometimes even useful! But please Steve, can we have less of the gospel according to Apple and a bit more Gospel? PeteR

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