Big Boys Burger

This is my inspiration for tonights meal. An epic from the past that my son and I created whilst my wife and daughter were away. Everything that was bad for you went into this monster including greasy burgers, lots of cheese, and encased in the evil “white” bread, but boy did it taste good! Now that she is a dietitian it will give me great pleasure to produce this mother of all burgers again.

Food is a crucial part of our lives and is much more than energising the body. We as a family sit round the table for each meal and it remains one of the highlights of the day. Luke’s gospel is littered with accounts of Jesus eating meals which coincide with the miraculous taking place. The sustenance is joined with the social interaction and the spiritual connection round a table of food. I regularly administer communion at church and realise that a sacramental act has taken place. I also recognise that a sacramental act isn’t unique to the church and can happen at my dining table or anyone else’s.

Now shall I prepare some twice cooked chips to accompany the burger tonight?


4 thoughts on “Big Boys Burger

  1. I’m halfway though cooking a Moo Pie from the pieminister cookbook and we shall be having it with mash and minty peas while sitting togther around our table!
    Nice reflection

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