To Kindle Or Not To Kindle – That Is The Question

Three reasons why I will not be purchasing a Kindle.

1. It hasn’t got an “i” prefix on it!
2. No backlight, no nocturnal activities!
3. They don’t smell right!

When a book moves me and takes me to a new understanding the physical book is retained as a way marker on my bookshelf. I would occasionally lift it and revisit that shift in thinking. A virtual bookshelf within a characterless piece of plastic does not cut it for me.

I know reading is sometimes about escapism, sitting in a familiar chair and journeying to another world. However in the safety of the arm chair new possibilities open up, not only in the make believe of the book, but in the reality of our own world. Bring on the books!

If you are into books I’ve added a link on the right of my blog to Goodreads. This offers a service of guiding your future book purchases. So long as you tell it 20+ books that you have completed, and rate them, it will offer suggestions. You can then read the reviews left by previous visitors.


2 thoughts on “To Kindle Or Not To Kindle – That Is The Question

  1. I felt the same about Kindles… until I got one. Now I read so much more: the Kindle remembers what the last book was that you were reading and what page you were up to and the free downloadable books means I’m reading different books that I probably wouldn’t have thought of. I still read books but the Kindles has opened a whole new world in reading for me.

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