Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

I’m in the middle of reading Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs. I was a convert to all things Apple about seven years ago and there are many computer gadgets in the house with an “i” prefix on them. I enjoy them all but have always struggled to master the i-ron! It is not my place to extol the virtues of a Mac over a PC but I have never looked back. Sad as it may sound I used to watch the video link product launches, or alternatively the live feeds to see what the latest development was. Not only did I marvel at the products but also the charismatic figure who delivered the pitch each time. Steve Jobs became a multi billionaire yet he seemed to exude a persona that was real and approchable. I had created a celebrity that I admired greatly. My created image of Steve Jobs was soon to be quashed.

Walter Isaacson paints a picture of a complex character who was heartless and had zero empathy to those that came in his path. Jobs was a driven man who found it impossible to cope with anything other than perfection. He either loved peoples work, or in the words of Jobs himself, “it was shit”, no grey area could be comprehended. The situation got so intolerable that he was pushed out of his own company.

The evidence to back up Isaacson’s case is without question. I’m starting to paint a different picture of Jobs from the idol I had previously. The image I have is of a flawed individual but also a creative visionary, one that left his legacy on this planet. It makes me realise that idols or demigods always disappoint. Perhaps I’ll move up to the real God but still have a soft spot for Steve Jobs, warts and all!


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