Cardigan Boy

Over the Christmas period I was bought three cardigans. One as a Christmas present and two in the January sales by my lovely wife. Is this a sign that at 43 I am officially old? Should I be purchasing a pair of tweed slippers and a pipe to make the look complete? Maybe I could subscribe to Reader’s Digest and talk about the pills that I take to complete strangers. Alternatively I could be proud of my cardigan, reduced from £59 to six English pounds in the M&S sale, as I’ve been told half a dozen times.

I know people in their 20’s who are ancient, and other’s who are over 100 who are so young at heart. One definition of old is “belonging only or chiefly to the past”. If you lose your sense of learning and interaction with others then by definition you are old. The opposite is a youthful outlook on life and a desire to grow. This position is not dependent on your age or whether you wear cardigans or not. Thank goodness.

I have to confess that I’m quite enjoying the cardigan wearing experience. Now where was that Reader’s Digest subscription letter?


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