War Horse Movie

I’ve just returned from watching the film War Horse and wanted to post my first reactions. Obviously the main character is the horse, and you follow its interaction with a number of key people. The main backdrop of the film is war, brutality and inhumanity, yet throughout there is such tenderness revealed. An example of this is when the horse becomes ensnared in no mans land, and two soldiers break ranks putting their own life at risk to save the horse. One is a German the other is British. With the carnage of war all around they form a bond in the common pursuit of freeing the horse. In one brave act the stupidity of the bloodshed is put into perspective.

I left the cinema with a mixture of emotions but hope came to the fore. The reality of World War 1 however was that hope eluded many for the rest of their lives . If you don’t get to see War Horse then an alternative is my favourite novel Birdsong. The BBC have dramatised this Sebastian Faulks book and it will be on the TV soon (sorry if you live outside the UK). I may blog about War Horse more as I let the story sit with me over the next few days, but please go and see it. Apparently the adaptation is true to the book and Spielberg doesn’t disappoint with the scene setting and connecting you visually to the story.


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