Church Is Full Of Weirdos

Church is full of weirdos, “Eccentrics United” might be a better name for it. No names no pack drill but it is truly full of odd people that just don’t fit into what is perceived as “normal” today. Yet I’m tired of monochrome organisations that seem to be pushing a corporate identity, where, if you don’t fit in you are out. Boring boring boring! That environment is sterile and one that I find uncreative. The contrast is church which is made up of misfits, and I love it. Where else will you find a group of people that spans generations, cultural backgrounds, and status. I love the dynamic created by that diversity. Don’t get me wrong I’ve yet to come across the perfect church where all sides live in harmony. However the unique offering that church gives to society is a desire to achieve unity, and so strive for kingdom values.

In more recent years there has been a fashion for people to shop around to find a church that suits them, or their outlook on life. I am not of that persuasion. I found the following article well worth reading, Is Your Church Too Cool?

No one is perfect, and no church is perfect, we are all just a little bit weird. If we embrace that fact rather than the corporate image then our message will truly be authentic.

Church = Weirdos of the world unite!


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