D.I.Y. Disaster Darling!

I hate D.I.Y. with a passion and I’m convinced it’s the work of the one who shall not be named. It causes me to be irrational, short tempered and just a little bit CRAZY. Picture the scene if you will. My day off got wrecked earlier in the week so Mrs Santry and I decided to visit our local Ikea store, and a pleasant time was had. A mirror with a very obscure name was purchased for a very reasonable price. However in the car journey back home the desire to break that mirror and eject it from the window was immense. I tried to stay calm as I read the useless instructions with images of Mr Blob smiling as he carried out his work……..

I have now given up and I feel it’s an affront to my manhood that I am unable to put up a simple mirror. If only I had the courage to throw it out the window on our journey home.

Note to self… never never never buy anything in Ikea that is not totally and utterly complete and whole!


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