One Word.

One word, just one word that you revisit every single day of 2012. That’s the challenge set by the website oneword365 and the idea is to keep it simple. Forget a long list of resolutions at the beginning of the year that are broken before you start. The word I have chosen for the year is “authentic”, keeping it real.

The base image I’ve used is another David Perry classic taken at the Yorkshire Sculpture park of the Jaume Plesna installation. If you’ve never been to the park I can highly recommend it. Sadly they will soon be changing their exhibits but on my visit last year the works of art were truly inspirational.

There are many words that we use on a daily basis but our actions speak the true words of our life. So in the light of that this year and beyond I’ll strive to be authentic, no mask, not trying to be anyone else, just plain old me.

What’s your word of 2012?


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