How Do You Fancy A New Book Every Week?

Following on from my blog post yesterday I have a special offer I want to share with you! Twelvebaskets is a “not for profit” company that I’ve been involved with since there formation. It is a resources sharing website allowing creatives a space to share their work online. It has 27,000 images, 8,000 hymns and 1,800 written resources. They already have a selection of books from SPCK and Iona that are subdivided and fully searchable. They are now in the process of adding another 45 books from SPCK including Tom Wrights Everyone Series.

You access the resources through an annual subscription which is excellent value for money. However they are offering a discount until the 8th January so that an individual annual subscription is £51. With that you can download as many images, written items or hymns as you like. There are additional agreements for churches, circuits or clusters of churches available.

Why not check it out, even if you are not interested in taking out a subscription you can download each item for a specific cost. Alternatively if you are a creative yourself then why not put work on the site and earn royalties. There is a link at the top of my site but instead you can click here.


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