Bargain Hunt

Everyone loves a bargain or the thought that you are getting something for free. BOGOF, 100% extra, buy one get two free and so on. I have become cynical recently about whether  most of these offers are of benefit to the consumer. Inflated prices and reduced sizes are subtle ways of recouping the cost for the retailer. Also stock that isn’t shifting is reduced for quick sale. Yet if you look closely there is usually a comparable offer or better in the same shop, normally on the bottom shelf.

So often these are impulse buys luring us in with their bright red labels tempting the cash out of our wallets. Yet with so many young people in financial melt down shopping has become an addiction that is hard to break. The sale labels exacerbate the problem and become like the smell of an opium den. I’ve just returned from a little trip round a local outlet village and had to make a conscious effort not to be drawn in.

At the end of the day the responsibility of shopping sensibly and within our means is ours. Yet the high street will try any means legal to extract that cash or plastic money from our wallets. Be warned shopping should come with a government health warning!


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