The Magical And The Mundane

Happy New Year to you all.

The Santry family had a very enjoyable evening bringing in the new year in the company of friends visiting from Christchurch New Zealand. As part of the evening we climbed the hill in Helsby which has been given the imaginative name of, “Helsby Hill”. Its not a big climb at all but it was fun walking through the wood without torches. Once up we got a good view of Chester to the left and Liverpool to the right. As the clock turned to midnight the sky burst into life with mini colourful explosions lighting up the inky blackness. I was frustrated that I didn’t have the right equipment with me to record the experience. However on returning home I was pleasantly surprised with the effect created by street lights and a wobbly camera.

I’ve since discovered that some people we know were also up the hill last night and a proposal of marriage was offered and accepted! Congratulations to the both of them.

At one level the transition from 31st December to the 1st January is just another day. The birds of the air don’t care that one year passes to another. Yet staging posts on the way are helpful to take stock and recharge. I found that out on a pilgrimage walk in Northern Spain. The distance markers were no more important than the last step but they helped frame the pilgrimage.

I went up the hill to seek out the fireworks last night but actually found pleasure in the ever present street lights. The magical and the mundane can happen in the same breath. It’s good to take stock of those moments though at stages on the way of life.


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