Donkey Worship – Oops!

Another classic from the Cartoon Blog. Check out the link at the top of my page.

According to the gospel accounts the shepherds were the first on the scene to offer worship to Jesus, or was it the donkey. At least they had something before their eyes to pay homage to. We have to make a step of faith in our worship as there is nothing tangible before us. I was struck by the words in a little book I was given at Christmas. It’s written by the comedian Milton Jones. He ends his thoughts with a perceptive but funny catalyst of faith. Just in case you are interested the book is called, Ten Second Sermons, and no I will not be adopting that length of sermon on Sunday!

A world without God is a book without a plot.
A curry without taste.
A life without purpose.
But in the end we are all mice listening to Mozart.
Elephants reading Braille.
Bats watching snooker.
But like science, fashion and jazz, just because I might not understand it,
doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

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