Will You Remember 2011?

You receive a Google view in the video above giving some insight into the significant events of 2011. An alternative moving video can be found on the BBC website paying tribute to fallen stars from the world of entertainment and the arts BBC VIDEO. There is also your personal journey through 2011 which will never make the headlines.

I moved to an electronic diary some years ago so don’t have that moment of discarding the old diary and moving to the new. I used to enjoy transferring dates into the pristine purchase with some reluctance of discarding the old diary. The physical pages may be removed, but the legacy of the year most definitely lives on.

There may be events that you regret and would tackle in a different way if you had your year again. Equally there are moments to give thanks for. There is an Iona prayer that I often use at funerals that seems fitting at the end of a year. Happy New Year.

All our laughter, all our sadness
Safe now in God’s hands
All our anger, all our gladness
Safe now in God’s hands
All our stories, all our memories
Safe now in God’s hands
Those we remember, those we love love
Safe now in God’s hands.

For those who live in the UK, ITV are showing the second part of ITN’s review of 2011 on Friday 30th December. The first part which I’ve just watched was informative and showed a personal touch through the eyes of its reporters.


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