Strangest Christmas Present

I hope you all had a great day yesterday whatever you got up to. I spent the day with family once my morning service was complete.

Opening the presents on Christmas morning I was surprised to find in one parcel a solitary bottle of water. No explanation accompanied the gift and my mind started to race as to whether this was a mistake which happened to fall in with the other gifts. However a smile came over my face when the penny dropped. At a service three weeks ago I said to the congregation that they would get a shock on Christmas morning if they opened a gift and found a bottle of water inside! The point that I was making is highlighted in my blog entry Greed or Need which you can read here. In some parts of our diverse world a bottle of clean unpolluted water is prized over anything else. The bottle of water gives a fresh understanding on the many gifts that we will have received yesterday. You could almost say that a bottle of water is the life giving cleansing gift that our consumer society requires, but that thought can wait for another day.

What was your strangest gift?


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