Christmas Radio Ad.

“Christmas Starts With Christ” is this years church advertising campaign, in order to put the right priority on the festive season. I think the radio ad. below works quite well but the poster above fails to pack a punch and the designer gear that the people are wearing is too subtle. I hope I’m wrong but there is a danger that people will pass by this poster with nothing more than a momentary glance. The contrast has to be the advertising from Auckland New Zealand which is deliberately on the edge of what people find offensive. I blogged about here.  A further choice is the Australian advertising which I blogged about here. This isn’t offensive but gives a fresh perspective on the season.

I might just listen to all this advertising and turn up for work on Christmas Day!


3 thoughts on “Christmas Radio Ad.

  1. I agree, this advert tells us nothing. I think the phrase ‘Christmas starts with Christ’ is pretty meaningless in contemporary society. A fresh depiction of what “christ” means today would be more enlighting. The ‘kingsize bed’ gets my vote out of the three.

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