Mary – Pregnancy Test

Not your typical image of Mary on hearing the news that she is pregnant. This image dominates the outside of a church in Auckland New Zealand, and is creating quite a stir. The vicar in defending the choice of image has said, “Although the make-believe of Christmas is enjoyable, with tinsel, Santa, reindeer and carols, there are also some realities. It’s about a real pregnancy, a real mother and a real child. It’s about real anxiety, courage and hope.” There is no doubt that the image is deliberately provocative, but good art or advertising demands a response. Christmas isn’t a twee story that we roll out each year to feel all gooey inside. For me imagery such as this makes it real and relevant.

If art interests you then check out YourPaintings a BBC initiative to catalogue and place online the nations art work. It is well worth a look, I’ve also added a direct link at the top of my blog.


3 thoughts on “Mary – Pregnancy Test

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