Psalm 25 – Counter-Cultural

I preached on Psalm 25 today and came across the phrase “According to your love remember me” from verse 7, which struck me.  It is preceded in verse 6 by, “Remember, Lord, your great mercy and love, for they are from of old”. Yet the word which has been translated as “mercy” would better be translated literally as motherly compassion or care. Indeed the root of the word is related to the word for womb. So the psalmist is saying remember your child, or more specifically for this psalm, remember your collective child, Israel. The motivation for remembering wasn’t current circumstances or the virtue of the individual but the historical connection made by God. This gives the psalmist confidence to wait on God and put his total trust in him.

In our society which wants instant gratification and praises self sufficiency, the Psalm is a counter-cultural message for today.


One thought on “Psalm 25 – Counter-Cultural

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