Curiosity In A Child

These words should be written on the soul of everyone who works with children in their spare time or as a profession. There will always be children that we find “difficult” and who don’t fit into the prescribed tuition offered. Sometimes those that don’t fit into the status quo are the children that are very creative in later life. The job of the children’s worker or teacher is to spark that imagination and watch with admiration as the engine of creativity is fired up.


2 thoughts on “Curiosity In A Child

  1. As the author of ‘Curiosity in a child’ may I thank you for posting this and for your comments on it. The words are straight out of my own experience, on a personal level and from my involvement with young people. Many of those not-always-cooperative teenagers have turned out to be remarkably successful in their chosen field of activity. And I would not have been writing poetry today had it not been for the initial encouragement of one English teacher who saw some spark of talent in me. Thanks and blessings, Marjorie Dobson

  2. Marjorie, thanks for the note and the inspiration. I came across your work through Twelvebaskets and regularly use items in worship. I enjoy linking writing such as yours to visual stimulation. In my own small way I’m attempting to achieve what the hymn writers have done in the past with music. Thanks again for your support. Steve

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