Advent – Take a Minute

I’ve included an Advent Liturgy from the Darlington District of the Methodist Church today. It gives you an opportunity to read and pray and prepare throughout Advent and looks good from what I have seen. You can download the pdf here. Advent is not just about waiting or anticipating, it is also about active preparation for the coming of the King. The countdown starts this Sunday so you have plenty of time to download this file.

Alternatively if you want to jump to Lent, after all there are many similarities between the two seasons why not check out what Simon Sutcliffe is doing in Hanley Stoke. He has put together stations of the cross using geocaching and QR codes around the city. Each time you find a hidden QR code it will give you information about that station and then a clue where to find the next code. Again you can read about it in more detail on Simon’s blog here.


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