Each month I lead a thought for the day at one of my churches and the following is what they are going to be bombarded with today.

During yesterday’s playing of the Last Post at the Cenotaph I felt myself quite moved by the moment and had to refocus as I was leading the service. It reminded me afresh how powerful music is. It seems to capture the moment and the emotion better than words can ever do. That is why at key points such as a wedding or a funeral the choice of music becomes very important. It can also lift your soul when it is down or transport you to another place other than your physical location.

If I was ever asked to pick my eight Desert Island Discs I would struggle big time and todays choice would be different to tomorrows. I flicked on my computer to see which tracks I listen to the most and it was a shock. For what it’s worth I’ve included my eight choices below. They include two classical pieces, a hymn, a track from the band Iona and four modern songs. They were chosen more for the emotion and feeling of the song than any great significance to the words. The Chopin is played when sleep eludes me, and Pendulum is a good up beat tonic. The hymn has always been my favourite and I never tire of singing or hearing it. Avishai Cohen is a modern jazz musician which is a genre that I have enjoyed for many years. Athlete are the best band that I have ever seen live. The version of Carnival of the Animals that I possess is played on trombone, my instrument of choice! Finally the Iona piece instantly transports me to a spiritual place.

Life without music would be like looking at the world in greyscale.

Chopin Nocturne 1 in B Flat Minor
Elbow – The Bones Of You
Pendulum – Propane Nightmares
Hymn – Dear Lord and Father of mankind
Avishai Cohen – Ascension
Iona – Journey into the morn
Athlete – Superhuman Touch
Saint-Saens – Carnival of the animals (The Swan)

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