It’s A Puppet!

The adult comedy Mongrels from the BBC has shown me again the power of puppets what ever our age. Somehow the characters are less specific in order for us to implant our own thoughts upon them. The puppetry in War Horse is apparently very moving and allows the writers to make the character that bit more believable, although I’ve yet to see it for myself.

I regularly use puppets in ministry. It give people old and young the permission to go on a journey of discovery. Although I was a little disturbed the other day to find that one of the children believed that Matthew Mouse, one of the puppets I use, was God! Perhaps a step too far.

There is a big kid in each of us and a puppet allows the opportunity to play. I also believe it allows us to discover that which is beyond our understanding, so that we discover transcendence.

You can view the Eamonn Holmes here.


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