Augmented Reality

You may have seen these strange mixture of white and black squares as you travel around. They are called QR codes and give you a link to a website, video or other information. They are quite useful so that bill boards pass on the information required without being too fussy. If you ping on this one then it will direst you to the Methodist Church website.

The next step that advertisers seem to be adopting is Augmented Reality. This is where digital information is superimposed over a picture of the real world. Instead of the QR code being the catalyst to link to further information you can choose almost any image. What then begins is virtual reality before your eyes. This can mean for example that a car advertiser will have an image in a magazine and when you point your smartphone camera at it the car comes to life and can be manipulated by you.

Advertising outside the church may be transformed in the future. Instead of the static words or images, we can have triggers that give a programme of the weeks events or a video example of an act of worship. You may feel that it is bad taste but I’ve heard that grave stone can have augmented reality showing interesting facts about the person and even an image or small video.

I’m fascinated where this will end up. Which of the churches is going to be first to use Augmented Reality. Let me know if you hear of one involved with it already.




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