New Series of Rev

The new series of “Rev” begins this Thursday at 8:00 pm BBC2. You can read the actors reaction to playing the part here. If you didn’t see the first series then you missed a treat as you receive a true portrayal of a Reverend. The writers haven’t jumped to the stereo type vicar but have clearly done their research giving us a character that is very believable. A times it is side split-tingly funny, but then at others times you feel the pain that the main character is going through in making a significant decision.

I saw him interviewed at Greenbelt and was very impressed. He shared with the audience that in researching the character he has a greater understanding of faith and has on occasions visited a church after the research ended.

At times the content of the series might offend you but it will also enlighten you as well. It is a must see in my book and I cannot recommend it highly enough.



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