Theatre of Dreams!

Before you all start I’m not a Manchester United supporter I’m a football supporter. A very kind friend invited me to join him in the Stretford Suite for the Champions League Match. The food and location were great with the match only having flashes of brilliance. However the whole experience is one that will definitely be stored in the memory bank.

Then as the ground rapidly cleared at the end of the match out came the lawn mowers to cut the hallowed turf. What seemed to be domestic sized cutters turned out to be petrol driven vacuum cleaners, sucking up any debris and loose grass, so that the turf can grow to its full potential. The attention to detail was impressive and was a million miles away from my experience of watching Grimsby Town as a kid.

It would be easy for me to scoff at the expense and opulence of Manchester United, but I’m not going to here. Instead I marvelled at the well oiled machine and the countless people employed each time eleven players take to the pitch.

Maybe its no bad thing to have a theatre of dreams, with the hopes and aspirations of fans around the world supporting their team. Yet behind the scenes the wealth that is Manchester United is spread to the other staff, the surrounding area and the city as a whole. Its no bad thing to have a dream, your dream may come true and you find yourself on the hallowed turf. All be it pushing a petrol driven vacuum cleaner when no one else is watching!



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