L. S. Lowry

Following our visit to the Imperial War Museum in Manchester, we frequented the Lowry just across the water. The 20 minute introductory video gave you an insight into a fascinating character. The image above is a classic scene from the collection showing a local football match, where Lowry attended. You see his typical stylised people and the occasional dog. Most painters depicting a football match would have the actual game as the main scene, but we don’t even get to see the pitch. Instead Lowry was fascinated throughout his life with people, he was a people watcher. How they interacted with each other motivated him more than the spectacle of football itself.

One of my favourite paintings that I have in my study is a Lowry style scene of a football match. It has an industrial backdrop and row upon row of back to back terraced housing and in amongst it all is the dirty clump of grass where football is being played. Yet your eye is still dominated by the people that make up the scene.

We play out similar scenes on a daily basis. Oh to have a birds eye view on some of our activities, the supermarket, rush hour traffic or sun bathers for example. Perhaps occasionally Lowry was given a God vision of life and recorded it for posterity. Its no bad thing to seek a higher view of proceedings occasionally. A new perspective can illuminate our every day path.


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