Should They Stay or Should They Go Now?

Anti Capitalism protesters still camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral in London 11 days after the protest started. They have disrupted the workings of the Cathedral and the countless tourists and worshippers flowing through the building. A service was held in private for the first time since the second world war for health and safety reasons this week.

Initially the Cathedral and its staff had sympathy with the protesters as they have spoken out themselves on the excessive wage packets and greed of the top businesses in the city. Yet their patience is wearing thin and they are calling for them to now move on. The Bishop and the Mayor of London have also expressed their views now, after all Boris is never one to miss a photo opportunity! Is it now time to move on or do they have to stay until their presence is uncomfortable to the city and the country as a whole. They challenge the status quo within the business community and it seems they are prepared to make a sacrifice in order to achieve their goals.

What is your opinion should they stay or should they go now?


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